Cajon Accessories Bundle

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Ignite your cajon performance with these accessories. The bundle we put together can all be played together to turn your box drum into an instant ensemble. The videos below show ideas for incorporating tambourines, bells and castanet sounds into your groove.

Meinl Foot Tambourine

The perfect percussion instrument for cajon and guitar players to fill out their sound. The foot tambourine helps you become a one-man-band adding a crisp high pitched tambourine layer to your groove.

Brass Ankle Bells

These brass ankle bells have a rich, deep sound that compliments the cajon extremely well. The full chime sound adds some pep to the drum tone.

Meinl Cajon Castanets

In this bundle, you'll get the small castanet and the medium castanet as we feel when paired together the drummer has a plethora of sound options.

Example of foot percussion with Cajon

Demo of Cajon Castanets

Demo of Foot Tambourine

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