X8 Drums Cajon Shootout, Part 5: X8 Drums Bass Cajon

Our X8 Drums Cajon Shootout ends with our own X8 Drums Bass Cajon:

Bigger than all the other cajons in this shootout series, the X8 Drums Bass Cajon has a wider, deeper design that makes it the John Bonham kick drum of all the cajons. It's wide open and has the lowest overtones, lowest pitch bass, and a ton of sustain.

Inside the cajon, you’ll find both strings and jingles, which create a buzzy, jingly sound for sound versatility. In fact, you can barely tap the head with your fingertips and still get a little buzz and snare sound out of it. It’s so sensitive, you can even hear the strings resonating.

Whereas the De Gregorio Chanela has that hip-hop boom, the X8 Drums Bass Cajon has a lower-pitched bass with a nice thump, like an actual kick drum. If you play it with a pedal, it sounds even more like a kick drum.

The top corners of the head aren’t glued down but are tightly screwed down, so you’ll get a bit of a slap out of it. However, you can actually remove the two outer screws to get even more of a slap at the corners. The larger size of the head also allows for versatility and gives you more sound options, from a dry slap to a thumpy bass.

The X8 Drums Bass Cajon is crafted in Thailand from sustainably-grown Thai hardwood that enhances the cajon’s versatility and sound. Inside the cajon is a convenient Allen wrench that you can use to tighten the snare strings. You’ll find a set of snare strings on either side. They're, but, like with the De Gregorio Chanela, you can adjust the snares with a Velcro system. Shove the Velcro under the snares so that they don’t touch the head or tighten the Velcro down to shove the snares against the head.

Have a particular cajon or other drum you’d like us to shootout? Let us know in the comments section below!

X8 Drums Bass Cajon

28th Oct 2014

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