World Rhythm Festival Promotes World Music Drumming

The Seattle World Percussion Society promotes the education,

participation, and appreciation of world drumming and dancing

through its World Rhythm Festival. Photo from

Discover and express the energy and creativity that pulsates through the rhythms of Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, India, Asia, and Native America at the Seattle World Percussion Society’s (SWPS) World Rhythm Festival (WRF)!

The largest international event of its kind, the annual WRF brings regional, national, and international world music artists and participants together to share, explore, and educate attendees on rhythm and dance traditions from around the world. The festival features over 70 world music, drumming, and dancing performances and workshops and one day of special activities for kids and families. Participation is highly encouraged in the workshops, but if you’re a bit shy, don’t worry. The infectious rhythms of world drums will quickly have you on your feet, banging a bongo, or both!

SWPS was created in 1994 primarily to produce the WRF. However, the organization uses other outlets to promote the education, participation, and appreciation of world music, drumming, and dancing. Not only are these world arts accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, but they promote arts education, cultural awareness, and a sense of community.

The 21st World Rhythm Festival will take place from April 5-6. Admission is free, so if you live in the area, there’s no excuse for not attending this awesome event! And if you do attend, we’d love to hear about your experience. For the festival’s daily schedule, performers, and workshop presenters and other info, visit

28th Oct 2014

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