Meet X8 Drums Product Reviewer Dave Sims

X8 Drums product reviewer Dave Sims is the drummer for

Austin-based bands Fire in the Pines and The Lonesome Heroes.

Allow us to introduce you to one of our expert product reviewers: Dave Sims! With experience drumming since the age of 12 and with a couple of awards and albums under his belt, Sims knows his way around a drum kit.

At the age of 16, he embarked on his first tour experience, joined his school’s drum line, received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award and Outstanding Musician Award for drum set and auxiliary percussion performances in Jazz, and competed in the International Blues Society Challenge in Memphis, TN. By the time he graduated, Sims had averaged over 150 performances in his high school career.

Networking within the Austin blues scene after high school, Sims learned to play “Texas Shuffle” from Uncle John Turner and performed with the late blues legend Pinetop Perkins, Sonny Wolf, and Old Gray Mule. After forming his first band, Fire in the Pines, and recording a debut album, Sims was picked up by Austin alt-psych-country band The Lonesome Heroes. After touring in 2013, Sims and The Lonesome Heroes are in the studio recording a new full length album. In addition to performing, recording, and touring with his bands, Sims provides knowledgeable product reviews for X8 Drums!

Want to see Sims in action? Head over to or for upcoming shows.

28th Oct 2014

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