La Mano Secreta Conga Performance Demonstration

Michael Pluznick demonstrates La Mano Secreta using various heel-tip rolls. He then shows how to incorporate these rolls with within the Tumbao rhythm on congas.

This video demonstration show four variations of La Mano Secreta on conga. The first variation is a 4-stroke roll using a heel-tip. The remaining variations will be the same roll with 5 strokes, 6 strokes and 7 strokes.

The demonstration then shows you the application of using the La Mano Secreta variations within the conga rhythm called Tumbao.

This video features double-sided La Mano Secreta played on right and left sides. Exercises on 1, 2 and 3 conga drums.

The congas featured in this video are the LP Original Fiberglass Congas.


Michael Pluznick Conga Lessonby Michael Pluznick

Internationally-recognized musical djembe drummer and percussionist, Michael Pluznick has introduced his new Signature Eco-Pro Djembe Drums and Instructional DVD Djembe Players. He also offers many online conga lessons and a How to Play Conga DVD now available at

28th Oct 2014

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