Kids Experience the Power of Hand Drumming through the YES Campaign

Hand drumming teaches students about music, culture, and

diversity while allowing them to create a sense of community.

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At X8 Drums, we love hearing about the positive impacts drumming has on youth, and this inspiring story about the Youth Education Success (YES) campaign in Southern Oregon is no exception. Launched by NBC5, YES supports local kids and school programs affected by school budget cuts. One day out of the month, businesses partnering with YES donate a percentage of their earnings to YES. These proceeds are then given to local school programs in the form of grants used to expand students’ learning skills.

One way in which school programs have used YES grants is through music. Some school programs teach kids music using handmade djembe drums. If you know anything about hand drumming, you know that wailing on a djembe does a lot more than teach kids about music. It also allows kids to express themselves, work as a group, create energy and a sense of community, and feel empowered. We also love the idea of using hand drums to enhance students’ learning skills and create community energy because hand drumming is an activity that everyone can enjoy, which means no one gets left out.

We applaud NBC5 for creating the YES campaign, a program that has lead to activities such as hand drumming, and we’re not the only ones. In fact, the YES campaign was recently awarded the national Service to America - Service to Children Award from the National Association of Broadcasters. Kudos to NBC5 and local YES partners and businesses for not only helping children expand their learning skills but for giving them a way to experience the power of hand drumming!

28th Oct 2014

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