Jojo Mayer and the Sabian Hoop Crasher

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Jojo Mayer is a name that is not easily forgotten, especially in the world of drumming. As a musician who has been playing drums since the age of three, Mayer has established himself as one of the most pioneering, unusual and creative drummers in the music industry.

Recently, Mayer can be found teaching drumming clinics throughout Canada and the United States, focusing on several techniques, but perhaps none as innovative as his “reverse engineering drumming.” Reverse engineering drumming is the process of taking an electronic beat that is generated by a computer and replicating it on a typical drum set. This reversal of rhythm provides a unique dimension to the beat, and while the final production may not sound exactly like its electronic counterpart, it could be said that the process is the most important aspect of the exercise. Mayer is not shy about describing his drumming style as both neurotic and schizophrenic, particularly when it comes to drumming for his band, Nerve.

With such an incredible grasp of the possibilities of rhythm in music, and the ability to create an entire new drumming genre, it should be no surprise that Jojo Mayer has also been a major part of designing a unique drum add-on… or cymbal… or both. For years, Mayer has equipped his drum kit with a distinct accessory – the Sabian Hoop Crasher that fits snugly over the top of a snare or floor tom drum. More than an effects cymbal, this add-on has the ability to change the sound of the drum, or not, depending on how it is played, and can be further adapted to a drummer’s sound, genre of music or specific sound with clamps that affect the overall sustain.

Walking out of NAMM 2013 with an award for the “Best in Show” for drum add-ons, Sabian’s Hoop Crasher is the perfect illustration of how Mayer’s ability to combine and layer sound can easily come together. This innovative approach to the variances in rhythm and sound has continued to define both Sabian and Jojo Mayer, and it is no surprise such a product came out of that collaboration.

With a bright future ahead, and the continual evolution of his own talent and drive for fresh and creative sound, Jojo Mayer will continue to be a credit to the music industry. For drummers looking to define a personal sound, there may not be a better example of what it takes to separate oneself from the pack. JoJo Mayer is a leader in drumming and percussion, and an epic experience in the cacophony of rhythm.

28th Oct 2014

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