Inspiration from Lively Zimbabwe Marimba Players

When you watch the above video, the first thing you might notice are the xylophone-looking instruments this fun and inspirational Zimbabwe marimba band is playing. Much more exotic than the xylophone, the marimba has a rich sound with a broader and lower tonal range amplified by resonators, or aluminum tubes that hang below each wooden bar. The marimba is played by striking the wooden bars with mallets.

The second, or perhaps even the first, thing you’ll notice is how happy both this music and the Zimbabwe marimba players are. Zimbabwe marimba music is both relaxing and uplifting, making it ideal for parties and other fun gatherings. Dance to it or simply sit back and let the marimba’s rich, warm sounds wash over you.

Despite its ethnic sound, the marimba isn’t a traditional Zimbabwean instrument. According to the Zhambai Trio, who play marimbas as well as traditional Zimbabwean instruments, the marimba was actually created in the mid 20th century at a local music college to teach indigenous music on an instrument with no ethnic affiliations, making the delightful instrument open to all musicians to enjoy.

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28th Oct 2014

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