Free Lesson with Meinl Percussion Artist, Bryan Brock!

Meinl Percussion artist Bryan Brock specializes

in world rhythms and percussion instruments.

Our new free online lesson is a Rumba Rhythm on Cajon & Bongo lesson with Bryan Brock.

Meet Bryan Brock, a Meinl Percussion artist who specializes in rhythms and instruments from all over the world. Brock learned jazz and ethnic percussion styles while attending the University of North Texas and studied with percussion masters from African, Arabic, Brazilian, Cuban, and European musical traditions while traveling throughout America, Cuba, and Ghana. Brock currently performs and records music in Los Angeles.

In our latest free online lesson, Brock will teach you how to incorporated the bongo into your cajon drumming through the Rumba rhythm, flamenco style. Flamenco Rumba rhythm is a style of flamenco music from Spain that was influenced by Afro-Cuban Rumba. It’s commonly performed with multiple percussion instruments, including the cajon, and features a tresillo rhythm with eight beats grouped into a repeating pattern and a tempo of four beats per bar. In the video lesson, you’ll learn the Rumba rhythm pattern on the cajon, then you’ll learn the pattern and accent strokes on the bongo.

** Give this lesson a try now - Rumba Rhythm on Cajon & Bongo.** To get the lesson, click on the link above and enter your email address.

28th Oct 2014

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