DRUM FUN! – Musical Games for Groups

If you've ever wanted to use musical experiences in a group setting, the Drum Fun! DVD set is for you!

Something you'll notice about this collection of musical games is that each game or activity offers a unique relationship to the elements of music. Some focus more on rhythm, while others might focus on things like sound quality (also called timbre), timing, phrasing, and form. Some games are more physical, while others are more intellectual. Some are more about producing sounds while others are more spatially oriented. All of the games are designed to provide the freedom and space for your participants to find themselves, and each other, through musical play.

Drum Stories

Let's look at Drum Fun! games from a few different perspectives.

Music education is the art of helping a person develop an appreciation for music, as well as the capacity to play, perform, and evaluate musical experiences. It can also involve helping somebody gain skills and experience in various musical methods such as improvisation, composition, and the learning and performance of existing pieces of music.

Drum Fun! musical games includes myriad opportunities to develop listening skills, differentiate sounds, explore rhythm, timing, planning, sequencing, arranging, creating various textures, and work with others in partner, small group, and large group formats. Within the process of learning and playing music, students also develop important life skills such as focused listening, collaboration, turn taking, expressing appreciation, asking for and offering assistance, taking risks, developing leadership skills, and aesthetic valuing.

Drum Fun! musical games are structured in such a way as to make them open to adaptation, modification, and the inclusion of varying musical material that can be added and layered into each activity. Do you have to be a music educator to use drum fun experiences? Of course not! Anyone can have fun with these games even if you're goal is not music education.

Recreational music making helps people to enjoy the process of learning playing and performing music, both on an individual and community level. Recreational musicians are not necessarily seeking to reach an advanced level of musical skill, although they certainly can, more likely, they are most interested in experiencing music in a fun and accessible way. Drum Fun! musical games provide opportunities for free play in a musical environment where the focus is on exploration, trying something new, and having fun at the same time.

Body Percussion

Musical games are a wonderful addition to a community drum circle, where participants may be looking for something new and different. Facilitators of drum circles, and community music making in general, will find that musical games integrate perfectly with community drumming and can be used both as primary experiences as well as introductory activities, segues between activities, or as a way to bring an event or session to a close.

Most of the musical games included in the 2 DVD set require only a basic musical understanding and skill set to effectively lead. You don’t have to be leading formalized recreational music making experiences to use any of these games. Many of these would work really well at informal gatherings, such as family get-togethers, retreats, and even corporate meetings and workshops where having a little fun could make a world of difference.

Music therapy is a profession dedicated to helping clients of all kinds reach therapeutic goals and objectives through the participation in music-based experiences, under the guidance of a certified music therapist. Drums and percussion instruments are extremely popular in music therapy due to their physical and community-oriented nature. Physical goals in music therapy can include increasing fine and gross motor movements, breath support, and vocal and verbal development. Cognitive goals, such as learning and using different types of information that will help the client to better function and raise his/her quality of life, are also central to the profession. Developing social skills, as well as providing opportunities for socializing, are also frequently addressed through music therapy interventions.

Sound Compass

Drum Fun! musical games provide myriad opportunities for physical development; learning about things, concepts, and each other; as well as developing interpersonal relationships. Games provide structure, yet are open and simple enough to be adapted and modified in any number of different ways to reach all types of therapeutic goals. Do you have to be a music therapist to feel the therapeutic benefits? Absolutely not! You can use these games for yourself or with a group as a fun way to access some of the many physical and emotional benefits of community music making.

Whether your goals are in music education, recreational music making, within the therapeutic relationship, or any other setting, 'Drum Fun! - Musical Games for Groups' is sure to be one of those DVDs that ends up in your player more than it sits on the shelf. Website support and resources are available at playsinglaugh.com, where you will find even more options for presenting each of the more than 25 games included in this set.

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28th Oct 2014

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