How to Play the Djembe for Beginners - X8 Drums Online Video Lesson

In this lesson you will learn from X8 Drums endorsed artist, Kenya Masala, how to play the djembe. Djembes have notes just like any other instrument and it is always great to start with these foundational elements as you learn to play.

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  • Introduction to the drum, including details about the drum head
  • How to hold the drum and position your body into a relaxed state
  • How to play the bass tone with proper hand technique
  • How to play the tone note including details on exactly which part of your hand to use for the strike zone
  • How to play the slap tone with close up and slow motion views on the finger positioning so you can hear a clear difference between your tone note and slap tone
  • Review the three notes and bring them together to play a warm up rhythm that will perfect your technique
  • Run Time: 10:35

To Download The Full Lesson, Click Here:

This video was made using the X8 Drums Jammer Djembe. Get the full lesson download for free when you purchase this model drum! Click here for details.



This video is instructed by Kenya Masala.

Sharing his love of rhythm and drumming within corporations, classrooms and communities, Kenya Masala is a recognized and respected trainer and facilitator across the country. Masala's original Rhythm Play!™ activity book and Zaboomba drumming programs introduce activities that integrate music within classroom and team development environments, and are accessible to teachers, educators and facilitators through easy-to-teach lessons that are adaptable to the ages and abilities of students and participants.

29th Oct 2014

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