Djembe Crash Course, Part 1

Michael Pluznick demonstrates a wide variety of basic accompaniment parts for djembe. Performance tips for both beginner and pro drummers!

Free 13 minute djembe lesson featuring the MP Eco Pro wood djembe that covers a wide variety of basic accompaniment parts.

Accompaniment parts are the structure that hold traditional West African djembe and dunun arrangements together. By learning many different accompaniment parts, you'll be able to jump in and play in a lot of different settings.

We'll start with the basic passport accompaniment rhythms. After you learn the basics, you'll be shown variations of the basics to add to your bag of djembe tricks.

The lesson is instructed using a click track so you can easily understand where the downbeat hits in the various rhythms.


by Michael Pluznick

Internationally-recognized musical djembe drummer and percussionist, Michael Pluznick has introduced his new Signature Eco-Pro Djembe Drums and Instructional DVD for Djembe Players now available at

28th Oct 2014

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