10 Billion Beats for Global Healing

The power of a drum circle can be life-changing. The resonating rhythms and accompaniments come together to produce a breathtaking sound that inspires happiness, wellness and healing to the people involved. Drumming can be a powerful manifestation of healing energy, as anyone who has attended a drum circle may attest to. When the intention is there, the healing may be extended to the area in which the drum circle beats away, and even further.

10 Billion Beats, an event created in the spirit of healing and fellowship, is encouraging the world, whether they have a drum or not, to participate in a one-night, global drumming session. It is a night “to circle the earth with a resounding rhythm of unity for all peoples, all faiths, all nations, all hopes and dreams. By joining in celebration with others, we will send a wave of focused intent through every time zone around the globe.” The 10 Billion Beats movement started in September, 2009, with a recorded 200,000 global participants. In order to reach the goal of 10 billion beats, 30,000 people in each of the 24 time zones must commit to drummng at a pace of four beats per second. Each beat sends an intention to the planet and its inhabitants to heal and be well. That is a lot of healing intention, good mojo, prayer and positive energy for the world.

On September 19, 2014 at 7pm, in your own time zone, grab your Djembe, Bongos or Congas and start up a rhythm for peace and healing. Be part of the 10 Billion Beats movement and see what a little drumming, and a whole lot of hope, can do to heal our planet.

1st Sep 2010

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