Beginner Djembe Package for Adults

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This djembe package has been curated by the X8 Drums staff specifically for adults new to djembe drumming. The package includes an all-weather djembe that has a mechanical tuning system so that you can get great tone from your drum right away. This allows you to skip the training required to tune a traditional rope tuned djembe. We've also added 2 online lessons to the package so you can learn how to play the instrument and master your first African rhythm. The drum will come packaged with a high quality djembe backpack to make taking your drum to and from community drum jams a breeze.

Let the beat of the street inspire you! The Urban Beat Djembe takes its name from the energy and melting pot of our urban areas. This djembe is built for the drummer on the go; the fiberglass shell is virtually indestructible and has excellent resonance.

The Key-Tuned Urban Beat Djembe is a fiberglass shell with a synthetic drumhead. Many percussionists seek synthetic drumheads for the distinct pitch it produces which is typically a higher tone than a traditional goatskin head. The bolt tuning system makes tuning a breeze and a tuning wrench is included with the drum.

New and improved drum head! Our new synthetic head is designed to produce the same tones and has a unique texture that is similar to a traditional goatskin. In addition, these heads offer incredible durability, stability of tuning and more possibilities with the high end hits on the rim.

The fiberglass shell features a hand painted textured design. When comparing this model to Toca's Freestyle Drums, you can expect this to have a little more weight because the Fiberglass material is more dense than the PVC used for the Toca drums. The benefits of an extra couple of pounds means richer tones and a sense of better stability.

Compare the differences between the Mechanically Tuned and Rope Tuned Fiberglass djembe models:

  • 12 in Head x 25 in Tall
  • Durable seamless fiberglass shell
  • Newly designed bowl shape for optimal bass tones
  • Low Mass tuning system
  • Perfect for drum circles
  • Synthetic head with mechanical tuning (includes tuning wrench)
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