Basic Samba for Congas

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Basic Samba for Congas

Instructor: Noah Mosgofian

Skill level: beginning / intermediate
Run Time: 8:45
Drum(s) needed: 2 or 3 congas
Samba is one of the world's most popular rhythms, and it's an essential part of every Conga player's repertoire. Learn to play an authentic samba pattern on 2 or 3 Congas in this lesson with Noah. This pattern can be played on congas, timbal, djembe, or ashiko, in small bands, backyard sambas, drum circles, and carnaval baterias alike. It's also the foundation for more advanced samba patterns, so this is the ideal place to start your samba hand-drumming journey. The instruction is slow and thorough, and it includes on screen transcriptions, detailed explanations, and over-the-shoulder camera angles.
This pattern is essentially the same one as in Basic Samba on Timbal only it is adapted for 2 or 3 congas. 
  • Front view and over-the-shoulder camera angles
  • Step-by-step instruction with detailed breakdowns of each pattern
  • On-screen transcriptions of sticking (RLRL), drum sounds (O . . S B), and counting (1 e & a 2)

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This video is instructed by Noah Mosgofian.
Noah Mosgofian's career includes 6 years with the international percussion sensation STOMP, tours with Lost at Last, Del Castillo, Atash, and scores of other award-winning bands and drum/dance companies playing samba, salsa, afro-beat, funk, and more. He has taught thousands of students in the US and abroad, including composing, arranging, and teaching for Austin Samba, one of the biggest samba schools anywhere outside of Brazil. Noah’s teachers include the top names in many disciplines: Mamady Keita, “Changuito” Quintana, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, C.K. Ladzekpo, and Fara Tolno. Visit his website at


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