banjira Harmonium, Yoga, F2-A4, Deluxe Red, Blemished

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BLEMISHED:banjira DeluxeYoga Harmonium, F2-A4 (Item Code: HMYFADR-2S)

This harmonium, weighing only 16 lbs., is a great portable instrument. The multi-fold bellows provide can be opened for Left or Right Handed playing and provides outstanding airflow. The 29 keys, range from F2 to A4. It is a Suite-Case style, so the top of case can is removed when you play, or it fold over to cover the keys when you close it. The keyboard pops up for playing and can be easily placed in locked-down position for storage and travel.

18"X15"X8" when closed/18"X15"X10" when opened

The reeds in the harmonium are tuned to 440 +/- 3 cents prior to shipping.

Although it was invented in France nearly 200 years ago, the harmonium has been extremely popular and strongly embraced by India after it was brought there during the British Occupation. Harmoniums are mainly used in Kirtans as an accompaniment to devotional songs; or for meditation and concentration in yoga studios.

DISCLAIMER: Instrument's finish color and decor may vary from photo. Shellac is very impressionable (no pun intended) and during the instrument's long transportation from India, the shellac finish becomes marred by the packing materials and may cause the sides of harmoniums to have impressions. These impressions are cosmetic and do not affect the playability or sound, so we do not consider such impressions as blemishes or defects.

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