banjira Fiberglass Khol Drum

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Khol drum with fiberglass body and two different sized leather heads, one produces a low pitch and the other a high pitch. A small hole is purposely punched in the bass head for a better sound. The drum contains multiple tuning straps that hold the heads in place and can be tightened to tune each head. The fiberglass body makes it much lighter than the traditional clay bodied khol and the drum is held horizontally. Color and style may vary from photo. Popular rhythm instrument for East Indian devotional and folk music. Economy gig bag included.

Item Measurements:

Bass: 7.75 inches
Tenor: 3.5 inches
Large Diameter: 13 inches (width at the widest point of the drum shell)
Length: 23 inches (from bass head to tenor head)
Playing Surfaces: 3.5 inches and 7.5 inches

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