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Bamboo Didgeridoo 59", Circle Celestial Design with Bag

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This Bamboo Didgeridoo provides exceptional playability with a unique hand painted celestial design and all natural tone. Includes a fitted Nylon bag for easy transport.

The wonderful instrument is hand made from bamboo and comes in a long 59" length. Whenever you perform with the Djembe or African drum, this Didgeridoo is a great addition to the ensemble.

  • 59" long with wax mouth piece
  • Includes a Black Nylon bag designed to fit this extra long didgeridoo.
  • Handcrafted

History of the Didgeridoo

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument found among the Aborigine clans of northern Australia. Didgeridoos can be made from a variety of materials from Teak or Eucalyptus wood to Bamboo stalks or PVC piping. The mouthpiece is usually made of beeswax.

Bamboo didgeridoos around 48-51" offer the great tones for beginners. In particular, artists that who specialize in meditation soundtracks will incorporate a bamboo didge. The bamboo material holds a tone for a longer period of time than didgeridoos made of other materials.

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  1. Babboo Didgeridoo Celestial Design

    Posted by anna golden on 1st Aug 2014

    my grandson was totally surprise with this and it arrive just in time for his birthday, he was very pleased with the quaility and appearance(he' a teenager) of this Didgeridoo.

  2. Really cool

    Posted by Jim A on 30th Jul 2014

    Received this is no time at all. I love the look of it. It will take a bit of practice for me to get it to sound right. The fact that my dog runs out of the house when I am practicing is a testament to my playing abilities, I guess.

  3. the 59'' is not for beginners

    Posted by adam on 28th Jul 2014

    the 59'' bamboo has a low tone & looks really nice but it is harder to play than my 47'' bamboo . with the 59'' i got , there is very little sweet spots on it to get the drone going for me . i feel like i'm re-learning to play the didge again .

  4. Very Happy

    Posted by Spencer on 11th Jul 2014

    Excellent quality and sound

  5. Now this is a great instrument.

    Posted by Mark Mulrooney on 10th Jul 2014

    Ok I am new to digeridoo, and I started with a PVC pipe. So I am not an expert but I am learning. Now when it comes to the didge I see that the real authentic way is from a tree hollowed out by Ants/ termites. Yet in a more contemporary sense there are many variations. So Bamboo is excellent. To me anyway. This one here is beautifully crafted. The design is so lovely and give me a magical feel. The sound is great, i can really feel the back pressure come up. This is my favorite instrument by far and i will be on the look out for more styles. If you are on a budget or new then this may be something worth giving a try. The length is just right very long and great sound. I will say that the mouthpiece was a bit small for me, but no worries get yourself some natural beeswax and fit a mouthpiece. Now were talking. Perfect.

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