Amara Star Handpan with Nylon Carry Bag

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The handpan in the photos is the exact drum you will receive. This instrument is known for its ethereal, soothing and harmonious tones. Play it acoustically or add a pickup to amplify your sound.

We have a total of 4 handpan drums direct from “Star Handpan”. Star Handpan is one of the leading manufacturers of this instrument in the world with masters of the trade crafting and tuning each drum by hand.

This specific drum is tuned with a center note and eight additional notes, allowing artists to create rich, full songs either as a solo artist or as part of an ensemble.

This drum comes in the following configuration:

Material: Steel

Center Note: C#3 

Drum Notes: G# B C# D# E F# G# B

Weight: 10 lb.

Diameter: 23 in.

Height: 10.5 in.

Includes Blue Heavy Duty Nylon Backpack Bag


Nitriding technology is the most widely used production technology for handpan in the world. Its timbre is warm and ethereal, and its portamento is balanced. It can be used not only in melody style, but also in fast percussion style.

Mode Introduction

AmaRa is a handpan mode from Sanskrit and Thai. It was written by Victor, the producer of Spb Pantam from Russia and named by Ezahn, the producer of ESS Asachan from Switzerland.

The word "Amara" comes from Sanskrit and has many meanings. They include "never faded", "angel", "poetry", "peace", "immortality", "eternity" and "love." Ezahn named the mode "Amara" with the intention of "My Love" as the meaning. In the West, "Amara" is usually used as a girl's name.

The "Amara" mode belongs to the minor mode, which is a six-tone mode simplified for C # natural minor mode. It is similar to the Yu mode added Qingjiao in China, and similar to Celtic minor scale. Many people in the handpan industry directly call this mode Celtic Minor. This mode has an unparalleled long-standing flavor. The musical tone seems to be nurtured by the earth, warm and fresh. It can express not only the long melodic lines, but also the lively rhythm. Amara is widely used and is very suitable for improvisation and various types of music creation.

The video below is a representation of the Star Handpan manufacturing quality. While it is a "Star Handpan" drum in the video, it is not this exact piece.

Extra Information

X8 Drums