Africa Origins Mali Djembe, 12.75 x 24 Goat Skin

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This Mali Djembe was hand carved from a solid piece of Iroko African hardwood. This wood showcases vivid grain swooping patterns all over the shell. The carved design at the bottom of the shell compliments the wood grain. The goatskin drum head has been applied using the overlapping technique that shows the beautiful color variations of the goatskin.

Each of our drums from West Africa are one-of-a-kind so the drum pictured is the exact drum you will receive. It has been inspected for any flaws, cracks and for exceptional playability.

Size: 14" Diameter (Ring to Ring), 12.75" Playing Surface, 24" Tall
Weight: 14 lb.
Wood: Iroko
Origin: Ivory Coast
Skin: Goat

By purchasing this djembe, you will help support communities and craftsmen in Africa.

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