Adams Soloist Vibraphone

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The Adams Soloist Model Vibraphone offers the patented Voyager Frame Height Adjustment System with the durability and stability players demand in the studio and in clubs.

Soloist Series Vibes are available with black tolex covered rails and end caps, making a distinct impression on stage or in your home. Soloist Vibraphones are available with either Silver or Anodized Gold Bars. Soloist Resonators are precision welded and finished in either a Silver or Gold powder coat finish, depending on bar color. Only essential resonators are included in the Soloist instruments to reduce weight and make the instrument as easy as possible to get from your vehicle to the stage.

The instrument's 12 volt motor, runs safely on 110 or 220 volt power with the special converting power adaptor, totally eliminating the possibility of any electrical hazard. The clean and dependable controls allow the player to choose whether the fans stop in either the open or closed position. The motor speed is fully adjustable from 25 to 150 rpm with an intuitive fader control.

A newly advanced, foot operated Precision Dampening Mechanism allows both damper and rail height adjustments, allowing each player to custom configure the feel of the instrument to their exact playing style. The damper also utilizes a new supreme quality felt material to achieve truly silent damping. An optional Long Pedal Extension Accessory converts the swivel pedal to a full length pedal board.


  • 3.1 Octave Precision Tuned Aluminum Alloy Bars
  • Silver or Gold Anodized Finish Bars
  • Solid Oak Rails and End Caps - Black Tolex Covered
  • Enclosed Silent Motor
  • Top Mount Controls with LED Readout
  • Patented Adjustable Fan System
  • Silent Dampening System
  • Adjustable Rail and Damper
  • Voyager Frame

Adams VSSV31M and VSGV31M Concert Series Vibraphones utilize the Voyager Frame System with black tolex covered oak rails and end caps. Aluminum resonators are welded and finished in Silver or Gold for years of durable use. Only essential resonators in a slant formation are provided to make transport as convenient as possible.

Model Number: VSSV31M
Frame: Voyager Frame
Bars: Aluminum Alloy Graduated Silver Anodized
Tuning: A=442 Hz.
Range: E3 - F6
Bar Width: 2.3” - 1.5”
Motor: 12v variable speed 25-150rpm

Frame Details:
Model Number: VSSV31M
Bars: Silver
Frame: Voyager Frame
Length: 62”
Low End: 30”
High End: 16”
Height Adj.: 34” – 41”
Weight: 100 lbs.

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