Adams Professional Gen II Timpani, Hammered Cambered Copper

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The Professional Gen2 bowl is suspended from a single flange chrome plated steel ring supported for maximum pitch focus and sustain all supported by heavy duty strong struts. Chrome plated counter hoops complete the look.

4 styles & 3 Configurations

The Professional Gen2 Timpani features a cambered hammered bowl in 5 standard sizes 20, 23, 26, 29, 32.

This series offers large commercial grade locking, double-wheel swivel casters and stylish base legs with a wider stance. This adds greater stability while being played, and safer maneuverability. The legs are independently attached to the base casting, allowing for leg replacement in the event of damage or abuse. In addition, the Professional Gen2 drums feature an integrated locking third wheel assembly on the player’s side with two permanently affixed wheels with brakes allowing for effortless and silent moving, yet rock solid parking.

GEN2 timpani feature an all-new patented balanced action pedal mechanism with adjustable spring tension. With this all-new mechanism, the pedal action is smooth over an extended tuning range with a familiar balanced feel and adjustability via a tension knob.


  • Tuning gauges
  • Drop covers
  • Mutes
  • Tuning keys
  • Remo Renaissance heads

Unlike other common molding methods used to create Timpani bowls today, all Adams Professional GEN 2 Series Timpani bowls are press formed from a single sheet of supreme quality copper. Seamless and free of any welds or soldering, the bowl is allowed to resonant freely and evenly. This forming method also ensures an even thickness throughout the entire kettle, resulting in the ultimate in both tonal quality and projection.

Professional Series bowls are hammered to increase each drum’s frequency range and to produce a clear, pure tone.

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