Acoustic Guitar Book - Learn to play quick and easy (CD & DVD)

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Acoustic Guitar Instruction Book - Learn to play quick and easy - with CD and DVD


You can quickly start accompanying and playing your first songs on the guitar with this course. The combination of instructional book, audio CD and DVD offers every beginner the perfect introduction. The most important basics are explained concisely and simply. Then you can start playing! You’ll learn how to accompany songs with easy chords and individual notes on all six strings.

On the accompanying CD there are exercises you can accompany with chords and examples of songs. There are great playback songs in two versions for single note playing – with the guitar playing first as an example, then without guitar, so you can play along. It makes guitar playing fun! 


  • Basics and playing techniques
  • Play many songs in just a short time
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Song accompaniment with easy chords
  • Single note playing
  • With lots of photos


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