X8 Drums Endeavor Series Conga Drums, Classic Mahogany

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Yes, it's a gorgeous conga set, but let's not get hung up on looks. These beauties are built for serious sound, including aged Siam Oak for a rich wood-toned resonance and premium buffalo heads for authentic conga play. The heavy-duty double stand is included, and essential, because a good conga stand goes a long way in the world of music-making.


  • Classic mahogany finish
  • Black powder-coated Deluxe hoops, reinforced side plates with 5/16"Ν diameter tuning lugs
  • 10"Ν & 11"Ν drum heads
  • High quality water buffalo skin heads
  • Heavy-duty double stand included
  • Aged Siam Oak
  • Tuning wrench included

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