Schlagwerk MyCajon Construction Kit - Large

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  • Schlagwerk MyCajon Construction Kit - Large
  • Schlagwerk MyCajon Construction Kit - Large
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Schlagwerk MyCajon Construction Kit - Large
Height (assembled): approx 30 x 30 x 50 cm
Birch, double snare effect

Cajon quick assembly kit "Ò build it yourself, play together.
Unbeatably affordable for anyone who wants to build their own instrument: Schlagwerks cajon construction kit in heights 45 cm or 50 cm. The most successful cajon assembly kit of recent years is now even better - thanks to the newly designed and precisely prefabricated parts, and with the tension belts and quick-drying adhesive included, it now takes even less time. Easy playing for cool sounds!

Is the construction kit only suitable for children?
The construction kit is suitable for adults (max height 1.8 meters) and teenagers. The detailed assembly instructions make the myCajon safe to put together without needing to use any machines, while leaving enough room for individual designs.

What are the dimensions of the finished myCajon?
approx 30 x 30 x 50 cm

How long does it take to build the myCajon?
You need around 6-8 hours (working time) to build a myCajon. Drying time is not included, it is merely in the assembly instructions as an approximate indication. However, manufacturer's guidelines should always be observed. All times given are non-binging reference values, based on an adult without previous manual experience.

What wood is the myCajon made of?
Playing surfaces: birch, approx. 3mm

Body: birch, approx. 10 mm
Rear panel: birch, approx. 5 mm

What tools are needed to build a myCajon?
Normally, a moderately equipped school workshop can start building the Cajon straight away.

You will need the following to build the myCajon:
1. Wood glue
2. 3x lashing straps
Alternative: 4x screw clamps (span width 60 cm)
3. 4 "Ò 6 glue clamps
4. 4x extra pieces of wood, approx. 3x3 cm (oder larger), 30 cm long
5. Hand drill/cordless electric screwdriver/box column drill
6. 1-2 die plates (for playing surfaces and rear panel)
Dimensions : 500 x 300 mm and min. 20 mm thick (30-50 mm would be better)
7. 3 mm wood drill + 10 mm wood drill
8. Countersink/reamer
9. Coarse and fine sandpaper (60"Ò80 grain und 120"Ò150 grain) 10. 1x larger, harder sanding block
Alternative: sanding roll approx. 70 x 40 cm with 60"Ò80 grain (possibly used by joiner) 11. Fret saw
12. Offset back saw (alternative: hand router with trimming bit)
13. Drafting head or set square, pen and compass
14. Wide adhesive tape
15. Varnish, glaze or wax

About Schlagwerk Percussion
Schlagwerk Percussion has a 25 year history of manufacturing the professional German-made musical instruments. Through these years of innovation and experience, the company has laid the foundation for the most successful percussion instrument in recent years with the introduction of the first Schlagwerk Cajon. In the early 90s, the Cajon la Peru set the standard for sound and quality of the modern Cajon. This resulted in increasing international demand for Schlagwerk Percussion.

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    Great Kit

    Posted by David Paul on 17th Apr 2017

    This is a great kit. Easy to build and should work well even if you don’t have much wood working experience. Parts are cut accurately and are ready to be assembled and glued. Hole was also already cut in the back. Kit comes with snares. They are not adjustable or easily removed and re-installed.

    Everything was included, including the clamping straps needed to hold the pieces together while the glue dries. This kit has aids that help you get the sides square when clamping them together. It had an extra piece of wood that was used to press the front & back on flat when using the included strapping clamps. I did use an orbital sander to speed up the trimming and rounding of the edges instead of the included sandpaper.

    To finish off the cajon, I used Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain and followed by Minwax® Polycrylic™ Protective Finish. I prefer oil-based products, but wanted different colors than the oil based stains offered.

    I had trouble getting the wood to take the stain evenly. Goal was to have an indigo colored center and a navy blue boarder. The back came out ok, but is still a bit blotchy. The other sides were even more splotchy even after a second coat of stain. Splotchiness was most likely because I usually use oil based stains and am not use to water based stains. Next time I would use something like Minwax® Water Based Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner. Should have also tried on the inside pieces first, but didn’t think it would be as problematic as it was. End result was I sanded most of the stain off and sprayed enough stain back on with an airbrush to get a more even color. The back was the only side I left from the first attempt. Clear coats were sprayed on to get a nice even finish.

    I have been wanting learn to play for years but didn’t want to spend much for a cajon to try it out. I am glad a friend pointed me to the X8 Drums site & this kit. Should be a good and inexpensive way to start. Finished cajon sounds good.

    FYI: Front is glued on not screwed as shown in the picture of the kit I purchased.

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