Pearl Rhythm Traveler 5-Piece Drum Set

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Back by popular demand, it's the Pearl Rhythm Traveler Drum Set. This new Rhythm Traveler Special Edition with Black Hardware from Pearl Drums is the perfect drum kit for silent practice, easy transport, and compact live performance. A complete set of ultra-high quality drums and hardware, specifically designed to be lightweight yet super sturdy and highly durable. Rhythm Traveler is great for the working drummer who needs a small, portable kit, the beginning drummer who needs to get started with a high-quality, affordable drum set that can be played anywhere and anytime, or any drummer who's tired of practicing at someone else's convenience.

Having trouble transporting your drum set to gigs or rehearsals? The Rhythm Traveler fits in the passenger seat of your car! Since the Rhythm Traveler's toms have only one head they stack neatly for an extremely compact, easy to transport kit. Every facet of the kit, including every piece of hardware, has been designed with the working and rehearsing drummer in mind. Rhythm Traveler is the go anywhere, practice anytime kit of your dreams.

With Rhythm Traveler, you get two complete sets of heads - one set of standard, 2-ply ProTone heads for live performance, and one set of Pearl's new Muffle Heads for silent practicing. Muffle Heads are manufactured of a super strong Mesh fabric that responds like a regular drum head while producing virtually no sound. Together with Pearl's Silent Cymbal Pads, Rhythm Traveler produces the realistic feel of a regular kit, complete with rim shots. And changing from a practice kit to a live kit is as easy as changing the batter heads from Mesh to standard and adding cymbals. You'll be all set-up, ready to play, and sounding great before most drummers even unload their kit. And when the gig is over, you're out of there just as quickly.

Rhythm Traveler shells are manufactured by Pearl's patented Heat Compression Shell Molding System, which is the same process used for every drum Pearl makes. The bass drum is 20' x 8", and the tom sizes are 10", 12", and 14", with a 5" deep, single-headed design that allows them to neatly stack for compact travel while producing a great tone for live performance. Rhythm Traveler's wood shell snare drum is 13" x 5" and produces a very warm, full-bodied snare tone with excellent "crack."

The Rhythm Traveler comes with super-sturdy hardware developed by Pearl to provide maximum stability and durability while keeping weight to a minimum. It features double-braced legs and a low mass, lightweight design, making it the perfect compliment to Rhythm Traveler. Every function and feature of the hardware is straight forward and dependable, with ease of use as the ultimate goal. All pipe joints feature an extended nylon joint bushing providing an extremely strong and stable adjustment system.

Drums Included
Bass Drum 20" x 8"
Snare 13" x 5" wood
Toms 10" x 5"   12" x 5"   14" x 5" (hanging tom) Cymbals Included Crash-Ride Brass 16" Hi-hats Brass 13" Hardware Included Tom Holders TH-60 Series Adapter ADT-2 Cymbal Stand C62W Straight Pedal P62 Single Hi-Hat Stand H62W Snare Stand S62W For Silent Practice Plastic Cymbals Ride, Hi-hats Muffle Heads Made of Mesh Fabric Bass Drum, Snare Drum, All toms Product Features Double Braced Stands Muffle Heads (Mesh) for Practicing Standard 2-ply ProTone Heads for Live Play Real Cymbals for Live Play

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