Kopf S-Series Double Shot Snare Cajon

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The Kopf Percussion S-Series Double Shot Snare cajon features a solid poplar shell and dual playing surfaces made of baltic birch. The wood is carved thicker than any other cajon brand delivering a beautiful rich sound. One playing surface has 8 snares making it super saturated with snare tone setting it apart from the standard S-Series Snare Cajon. The other playing surface does not have snares for a natural Peruvian sound.

This drum has a 1" solid Poplar shell with dual 1/8" thick Baltic Birch playing surfaces. The playing surfaces are attached with screws, giving it very pronounced slap tones and a very deep and punchy bass tone.

All Kopf S- Series Cajones have a hand rubbed clear satin finish to allow the natural overtones of the wood to come through.

Everything is handcrafted in the USA, right down to the custom 1" thick upholstered seat on the top of the drum.


  • Dimensions: 12" x 11.5" x 20"
  • Solid Poplar Shell (resonant box)
  • Baltic Birch Playing Surfaces
  • Dual Playing Surfaces (one with 8 snares, one without for natural Peruvian sound)
  • Clear satin coat
  • 1" thick upholstered seat

About Kopf Percussion
made-in-usa2.gif Kopf Percussion is a family owned business located in Waycross, Georgia. The Kopf name has become synonymous with quality craftsmanship, incredible tone and impeccable attention to detail. Each instrument is handcrafted and is given a level of attention that is for the most part, a way of the past.

All Kopf Percussion instruments are handcrafted in the USA using sustainable materials and environmentally safe finishing methods. Kopf uses tried and true construction methods with simple and direct designs to obtain the best tone and durability in the percussion instrument industry. Every Kopf instrument is backed up with a 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.

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3 Reviews

  • Posted by Isaac Thornsen on 29th Jul 2014



    This is my first cajon, and I'd like to thank Art for helping me choose this product because I have no regrets and believe that there is no better way I could have spent my money. This is much better than the LP cajon used in my church and definitely much more comfy. The only issue I have with it is its ringing, which could probably be fixed by tinkering around a bit and adjusting the snares, but haven't found anything on the internet to help me out at all. Help would be appreciated from anyone who knows how to fix this issue. All around great cajon with a great amount of bass but not what I expected from the high slaps on the sides.

  • Posted by World/Celtic Drummer on 11th Jul 2014


    Nice cajon

    Very well built, with awesome sound. It takes a little more slap than I expected to get a solid snare sound (seems the snares are a little tight and they are not adjustable)...but, on the other hand, this makes the bass tone very clean with almost no snare rattle bleeding through. I like it!

  • Posted by Keith Bowles on 10th Jul 2014


    Kopf Rocks!!

    Been searching for the right cajon for a while now. Tried several, but this Kopf Double Shot Snare Cajon is the best I've played. It has that snare tone that I've been missing in other cajons I've tried. But even with so much snare tone you still have a really fat bass tone with great separation. I can get a wider variation of tone out of this cajon than any others I've played. If you want a killer "drum set-like" snare tone this is the cajon for you!!