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Djun Djun, Dundun, or Dunun? A Brief History

X8 Drums Dundun Set - Dundunba, Sangban, Kenkeni

The full set of 3 drums includes one Dundunba, one Sangban, and one Keneni, which creates a full tonal range from high to the low bass.

Order the djuns individually (priced above) or get the full set of 3 Djun-Djuns! 

The drum heads are made of cow hide with the hair left on to produce heavy tones and eliminate ringing overtones.X8 Drums Dundun (or Dununs) are masterfully carved of a single piece of legally harvested Mahogany hardwood, designed to produce the authentic sound of the African bass drum.

Typically played as a set with sticks, The 15" Dundunba produces the low bass tone, the 12" Sangban produces the mid-range tone, and the 10" Kenkeni produces the high tone.

    • Professional quality drums and offering an outstanding combination of melody, beautiful design, and authentic African tone.
    • These djun-djuns are usually played with sticks in a set of three (15" Dundunba, 12" Sangban, 10" Kenkeni).
    • Stretched across the top and bottom are high-quality cowhides held together with two-ring mounting systems and 5mm non-stretch rope.
    • Each drum ships with a pair of hardwood djun djun sticks.
    • Each drum has a braided rope handle attached to both ends for handling.
  • Shells are kiln dried with up to 20 coats of teak oil to protect and preserve wood.


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X8 Drums

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Darryl on 3rd Oct 2014


    Don't be Fooled by the Price

    These Djuns Djuns are wonderful. The quality of the mahogany shells and skins are fantastic!

    I've been wanting a set for years and have done extensive research. I'm de-lighted with my choice and more than pleasantly surprised by the personable service and lightening fast shipping.

    X8 Drums is now my #1 favorite drum company!

  • Posted by Mab OConnor on 30th Jul 2014


    X8 Djun Djun 15"

    As always this is a fantastic sounding drum. Very well made and I couldn't be happier.. They ship fast and everything is always packed with care. I love this DRUM and its a wonderful addition to the other X8 drums I own. Would highly recommend this one to others.