Drum Thrones

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Drum Thrones

Nestled snugly behind a drum set or rig is possibly one of the most underrated, yet important pieces of drum equipment – the drum throne. Called a “throne” in order to acknowledge the supremacy of any drummer, a drum throne is the seat from which all solos, fills and raging drum rhythms are played.

Drum thrones and seats are available in several different styles and sizes. Basic drum thrones consist of a lightly padded seat on a collapsible tripod base. Other drum thrones can have more padding in the seat, a back rest, attachments for equipment like drum sticks or mallets, or even for a set of bongos.

The standard, round shape of a drum throne may best fit the need of the drummer, while a tailored, “motorcycle” seat may help increase comfort, overall. These seats are typically fully adjustable, fitting a wide range of sizes and drumming needs, and allow for a better drumming experience while helping to reduce fatigue and soreness.

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