Drum Stands

The right drum stand can make or break a fill, backbeat or solo, regardless of the type of drum played. Drum stands not only protect the drum, but also prevent fatigue and strain on the drummer hammering out a beat, as well as allow for a clearer, truer tone to the rhythm played. Whether tapping out a beat on a set of bongos, or playing the day away on conga, djembe, timbales or other hand drums, drum stands make playing drums easier.

Drum stands are available for both seated and standing players and can elevate a drum to the proper height, preventing the drummer from having to bend over for an entire performance. Drum stands can be horizontal or angled, with or without telescoping arms, and are usually found with a tripod base for stability. Some drum stands even have wheels to allow for easier transport of the drum.

Using a drum stand will enable better rhythmic tones, allowing the sound to freely circulate. Drum stands allow multiple drums to be grouped together, helping drummers hit several drums at one time, as well as allowing the drummer more arm and elbow room. Drum stands also secure the drums, eliminating concerns about knocking over the drums. Securing your drum in a stand frees you to focus on your beat.