Drum Pedals

Any drummer will tell you that the most important aspects of a drum pedal are control and feel. The pedal must become an extension of their leg and move with the pulse of the foot without effort. A pedal with too much response or one that is just not a smooth ride can destroy a drummer's groove.

Today's pedals offer endless options so that no matter what kind of player you are or the kits you're playing, there is a pedal that will work for you. For those that play multiple instruments that use a pedal or they often change the size of their kick drum, there are fully adjustable pedals to tweak the response and speed of the hardware. Often times the adjustments offer enough to dial in the perfect fit for different drums however sometimes it doesn't quite work and the player will end up with several pedals, each one perfectly paired with different drums.

If you are a new player starting out and not quite sure where to start with your drum pedal selection, check out the hardware used by your favorite artists. This step will help you identify what brand and style the pros are using in their recordings and live performances.