DjemBass, Djembe Kick Drum Converter

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If you want extreme low-end, and a head-turning alternative to a standard bass drum, look no further than to Pearl's DjemBass.

Convert Pearl's popular PJF-350 Fiberglass Djembe or your favorite 14" djembe into a compact kick drum with the Djem-Bass accessory pack.

To reduce the attack and add greater "lows" we have included a cloth cap that stretches around the head.

For greater low-end, slip the included neoprene disc inside which give you two sound options. Your pedal (optional add-on) attaches via an I.S.S. type clamp to the Djembe's stand mounting plate.

The DjemBass kick comes with legs, clamps, cloth cap and neoprene disc. The cymbal, stand, snare and pedals shown in default photo do not come with the kit.

Note that the Pearl Djembass isn't designed to fit traditional wood shell rope tuned djembes. Rope tuned drums are not the best candidates, and some drilling/modification is required to make the plate work. This is primarily recommended for Pearl djembes or synthetic key tuned drums.

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