Casio 88 Key Full Piano Keyboard

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The Casio PX-850 Privia 88-key digital keyboard represents the innovation and quality of the Privia Digital Piano line. Featuring a dual 20w speaker system and a cabinet which amplifies the rich, concert sound, you can choose to adjust the lid on the Grand Piano whether you want it open, closed, halfway or removed. With the advanced AiR sound set engine, solid keyboard action, 18 instrument tones, 256 polyphony, Damper Resonance, Hammer Response, and Sympathetic Resonance, the Privia PX-850 is going to blow you away with it's quality and features. The advanced memory and internal computer have built upon the Privia's award winning piano sound to bring you amazing tone and new instrument sounds. Also has 1/4" audio outputs and USB-to-Device output so you can easily connect to other equipment or amplifiers.


  • Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action with Ebony and Ivory Keys
  • 18 Tones with Split / Layer capability
  • 256 note polyphony
  • New 4 Layer Stereo Grand Piano Samples
  • Stereo Digital Audio Recording to USB storage

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