The Black Swan Drum

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  • The Black Swan Drum
  • The Black Swan Drum
  • The Black Swan Drum
  • The Black Swan Drum
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Watch Video Demonstration of this Drum

The Black Swan Drum is a multi-purpose drum and percussion instrument that is designed offer to infinite performance possibilities. It is a bass drum. It is a cajon. It is a frame drum. It can also be transformed into a clave, a cowbell, a tambourine and so many other percussion instruments through the bracket mounting system.

How to Play It
To play the Black Swan Drum, you sit on the top of it like a cajon. The front playing surface can be played with everything from brushes, bass pedals, sticks, mallets hands or feet. The left side has a wooden playing surface that can be adjusted to make warm cajon tones or snappy clave tones.


How to Customize It
The Black Swan features a patented snap on head system that makes changing heads an integral part of this drum's range. It works with any standard 16" floor tom head and the options there are endless. In the video demo below you can see it being played with the Remo World Percussion Bahia Bass Head which is designed for producing the lowest bass tones. Compare this to the standard mylar head that comes with the drum and you'll see the world of difference between just two heads.

The Black Swan can also be customized by adding the Swan Universal Pedal Bracket so you can affix any standard bass drum pedal to the instrument and play it for hours without worrying about it slipping out of position.

Speaking of brackets... on the right side of the drum you can attach a multi-purpose percussion bracket, then clamp on any number of percussion instruments like cowbells, blocks or tambourines.

Travel Ready
This drum is ready for the touring drummer. Pack all of your percussion instruments inside the drum, then put the drum inside a standard 16" x 16" floor tom case and you are good to go! This size case is standard for airplanes so no oversize fees apply.

PA Ready
When you have mastered the Black Swan, it is ready for your live performances. All you need is a basic mic clamp and a drum mic. Clamp it to the opening closest to the drum head and you'll hear how the PA captures the attack and decay of the drum.

About Swan Percussion
Swan Percussion began in 2008 as a collaboration between Eric Holland, a designer and craftsman, and Mike Meadows, an established world-class percussionist. Together they developed The Black Swan Drum, inspired by the Ghanaian Gombe (Gome) but with innovations including an instant tuning system, quick head change system, and the ability to incorporate any standard 16" floor tom head. The Black Swan was so well received that they continued to develop more instruments. Today, Swan Percussion is committed to creating high quality, versatile, innovative percussion instruments for the discerning professional and amateur alike.

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