Africa Senegal Djembe, 8.5x15

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Enjoy the tradition and devotion to rhythm in Africa with this Senegal djembe. This small-sized drum is great for young kids or for those using it as part recreation/ part home decor. Each djembe is individually hand carved and constructed by skilled carvers in Africa. Each shell design will be slightly different making every one a unique piece of art.

Each drum has been inspected for quality, ensuring that there are no cracks or severe blemishes in the shell. The drum head has an authentic, unbleached West African goatskin head, providing great tones and many years of playability.

The distinct Djembe sound of Senegal evolved after the country became a region. A complete traditional ensemble for this goblet-shaped djembe consists of three Djembe drums a Djun Djun.

Head Size: Approximately 8.5"
Height: Approximately 15" Tall

Not sure about the size? Watch this video: Which Size Djembe is Right for Me?


  • One-piece, solid shell construction
  • Natural, unbleached African goatskin heads for authentic look and sound.
  • 2 ring system for stable tuning and elimination of skin slippage
  • Temperature controlled storage environment

By purchasing this item, you will help an effort that supports several orphanages in Africa and help provide a means of support for communities and craftsmen in Africa.

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