10-Person Drum Circle Package

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Drum circle in a box! We've bundled the core group of instruments need to make for a fun and great sounding community drum jam. The package also includes an instructional book on how to facilitate your own drum circle with rhythms to play.

This package is built for a group of 10 people. Have 20 people? Just double up on this package and you'll be ready to rock!


1. Meinl 16x20 Surdo Bass Drum with 2 Mallets (This drum holds down the beat for the group.) $301.97 VALUE

2. Cowbell with Drum Stick (A facilitator typically plays the cowbell for call and response sections.) $31.99 VALUE

3. Large All-Weather Djembe (Lightweight, Easy to Tune, Durable and Sized for Adults who want big, bass djembe sounds.) $199.95 VALUE

4. Medium All-Weather Djembe (Great for Lead Players who want to go all out.) $129.99 VALUE

5. Medium All-Weather Djembe (Who wants to go all out by themselves? We included a second Medium drum so two lead players can rock out together.) $129.99 VALUE

6. Small All-Weather Djembe (This is a higher pitched djembe that sounds great when played with the other sizes. Good choice for kids or older players who need a lighter weight drum.) $123.99 VALUE

7. Small All-Weather Djembe (You can never have too many djembes!) $123.99 VALUE

8. Tambourine (Durable and loud tambourine - easy for anyone to play.) $25.99 VALUE

9. Sleigh Bells (Crispy Bells add a sweet frequency to the mix.) $21.99 VALUE

10. LP Pro Maracas (Hand percussion shakers for those just dipping their toes into the jam. This will get them going!) $19.99 VALUE



The Rhythm Play Book provides tons of rhythm activities and initiatives for adults, facilitators, teachers and kids. This book comes with FREE MP3 audio files of all songs and rhythm activities. $18.99 VALUE