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Whether you set up your djembe yourself, or have it done by a professional tech, a good set-up is crucial to achieving not only optimum playability but maximum tone too.

The X8 Drums full djembe set-up includes a close inspection and preparation of your drum head. We check for any flaws in the skin and perform a final close dry shave that eliminates any stubble that could irritate your hands.

In addition your djembe will be tuned and tested for optimal tones based on the build of the shell, ring placement and skin quality.

All work performed on your djembe is done by experienced djembe techs that are also active, performing hand percussionists. We understand what tones can be produced by our X8 djembes and we'll make sure that your drum is ready to sing as soon as you pull it out of the box.

As you get to know your drum, most players will learn to tune and maintain its playability. Every new X8 Djembe comes with a Djembe Care and Maintenance Guide that will help you learn how to rope tune and provide you with tips on keeping your drum in excellent condition for years to come.

Note: Drum pitch and tones can be very subjective. We will tune your djembe to a level that we personally feel is outstanding. You may need to make adjustments based on your particular taste. This typically only applies to advanced players looking for a very specific tone.

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