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X8 Drums showcasing new professional hand carved wooden shell djembe drums that are manufactured using legally certified timber that is environmentally sustainable. Shop owner educates consumers on how their buying decision can help to protect our world's forests, assist in preserving and maintaining a well-balanced eco-system and help support local economies.

Ruby Pro DjembeRuby Pro Djembe

Jersey City, NJ (PRWEB) September 21, 2007 -- Hand drum specialty store X8 Drums announced today their new line of Pro African X8 djembe drums. Working closely with their overseas partners, X8 Drums is importing the finest selection of beautifully handcrafted African djembe drums and accessories. They are initially importing a limited number of custom models that are diverse enough to appease beginners through professionals and everyone in between. With gorgeous designs and professional build quality, the X8 djembe collection of African drums are truly handmade works of art created by master carvers using only top-tier materials including: sustain ably harvested/Government inspected Mahogany wood, premium goatskin heads, and low stretch alpine 5mm braided rope.

Matahari Pro DjembeMatahari Pro Djembe
"We're most proud of the fact that our djembes are made from legally harvested and Government inspected timber," remarked co-founder Mark Stancato. "We spent a lot of time searching for the right overseas partners that met are stringent requirements of using only legally harvested, certified timber and could prove a Government certification process," added Stancato. "It's extremely important that today's up and coming companies strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. Those that learn to work in harmony with our natural resources will see tremendous opportunity and those that don't will eventually disappear."

In addition to offering the entire line of X8 custom djembe drums on their e-commerce website: is also developing strategic off-line wholesale relationships with retail outlets, drum circle groups, and smaller bohemian type shops throughout the country. "It's our goal to only work with those off-line, wholesale djembe partners that are active in the drumming community and who are excited in introducing these fantastic and eco-friendly djembes to drum enthusiasts around the country."

X8 DjembeStallion Pro Djembe

X8 Drums is a premier online store for all things hand drums. Percussionists around the world are enjoying personal expert advice when selecting djembes, congas, bongos and more plus the added benefits of the X8 Drum Circle that includes festival schedules, how-to guides and an artist directory.


Press Contact: Mark Stancato
Company Name: X8 Drums
Phone: 800-771-9645

West African Manufactured Djembe Drums - Cause for Concern

Posted by X8 DRUMS Thursday, September 6, 2007 0 Comments
When shopping for a djembe drum it's important to consider the environmental ramifications of purchasing a djembe that uses illegal wood. Unfortunately, many djembe drums that are being imported into this country, from West Africa, are made from wood that has been illegally harvested. Read more about African djembe drums here.

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