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Djembe Music, Rhythm Samples & Exercises

Posted by X8 DRUMS Friday, June 1, 2007 0 Comments
Use the djembe rhythm video and audio tracks below to practice your hand drumming skills before your next performance. All djembe music samples are free, courtesy of X8 Drums. More coming VERY soon! Bookmark this page.

Djembe Rhythm Library

5. Sounds from a Drum Circle (below)

6. Drum Call

7. Djembe Ensemble CD

TRACK 1: Sounds from a Drum Circle.
Play along and find your own rhythm to add to this session or mimic one of the patterns in the circle. Either way, you'll have new grooves to play at your next performance. Each track below is performed by pro djembe player and instructor, Raphael Torn.

The instruments included in this drum circle track are:
1. 13" Pro Djembe, Waring Ridge (foundation rhythm)2. 10" Ruby Pro Djembe & 10" Matahari Pro Djembe (played together, one with left hand and one with right)

3. Cowbell / 4. Shakere5. 13" Pro Djembe, Ruby (lead line)

TRACK 3: Sounds from drum circle without the Lead Line
After listening to Track 1, create your own lead line by playing along with the same groove, minus the recorded lead line.

TRACK 4: Djembe Solo
Join this track to create rhythm patterns to support a drum solo. The drum in this track is a Ruby Pro 13" Djembe.

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