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  Eucalyptus Didgeridoo, Hand Painted, 60"

Eucalyptus Didgeridoo
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This is a true, authentic Eucalyptus Didgeridoo, made from an extra long eucalyptus branch to deliver resonant low pitches. The beautiful intricate design is hand painted. The photos above show the front and back painted design.

The eucalyptus didgeridoo is thought to be one of the oldest instruments found throughout history. Experts think that is has been played for over 40,000 years. In drawings found in many caves, the didgeridoo is shown being played by the cavemen. A lot of Aborigines around Australia used the eucalyptus didgeridoo in ceremonies for many years, in times of trouble and happiness. They believe that by playing this instrument, they can more easily induce a calm and relaxed state. This state would then help them get in touch with their shamanistic beliefs.

The didgeridoo comes with a custom fit padded heavy duty, water resistant bag with a pouch for carrying your accessories.


Eucalyptus Large Bell-end, Natural Root Ball
From Timor Island, Australia
Real Aboriginal PRO Didge
Natural EUCALYPTUS with Teak oil Finish


Height: Approximately 60"
Bottom: Approximately 9"
Weight: 15-18 lb.


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